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9-digit ZIP Code (ZIP+4) for Finding Representatives & Legislators

If you have a website that lets people lookup U.S. Government legislative districts or find representatives, you've probably been frustrated with finding a good way to give people the ZIP+4 Code they are looking for. Since the ZIP +4 Code is pretty much required for finding the correct congressional and legislative districts, this is a problem that a lot of web-masters face.

A lot of people facing this problem resort to directing their visitors to find the ZIP+4 Code on the USPS Look-up. This is an alright solution, but isn't the best solution; it takes the visitor away from your site, and is an inconvenience for them.

By using the various SmartyStreets APIs, you can implement a better solution. Our US Street API can be integrated into any website form in as little as fifteen minutes. This allows the visitor to enter their address and get the correct ZIP+4 directly from your website. Working directly from your own web domain, this product is convenient for both you and your user.

Please visit the Address Validation API page for more information on how you can use this tool on your website to improve searches requiring ZIP+4 Codes.

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