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Append missing ZIP Codes

How to append missing ZIP Codes

If, for any reason, your list doesn't have ZIP Codes, they can easily be appended with LiveAddress. Sometimes ZIP Codes aren't collected during your data gathering process or sometimes they are removed or lost as data moves from system to system. We understand. Whatever the case, this information can easily be recovered.

How can missing ZIP Codes be correctly identified?

It's not as simple as identifying the city and state and then appending the ZIP Code for the city. For example, which ZIP Code do you use for New York, NY; or Los Angeles, CA; or Tampa, FL? In each of these cases, there are multiple ZIP Codes. Randomly picking one is dangerous because it causes mail to be improperly routed, which can then take days or even weeks to be re-routed to the intended destination.

Our LiveAddress system considers all available factors, including the city and state to uniquely and unequivocally identify and assign the correct ZIP Code for a given address. We do this by identifying all possible ZIPs within a city and state, and then utilizing the street-level information to determine which ZIP Code is the correct one for the given address.

How can the ZIP Code help?

Not only can we return the correct 5-digit ZIP Code, but we can also assign the correct 9-digit (ZIP+4) Code to a given address. This ZIP+4 Code along with the associated delivery point can be used to create a barcode to help qualify for mailing discounts. Mailing prices are going up, and the discount is ever more valuable. Trust us when we say that this is all about you, your organization, and the customers you serve.

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