You know when you order something and mistype your ZIP Code or you type "d" instead of "s" and your package gets delayed or returned to the sender?
We prevent that. And we're really good at it too.
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Smarty's awesome team

What's It Like Working at Smarty?

What's it like to work at smarty video

"I love that there’s an environment that makes me feel comfortable sharing my opinion and ideas, and that I’m able to collaborate and work with awesome people all day. Also, as a bonus, there’s lots of fun things we do!"

Haylee, Software Engineer

- Haylee, Software Engineer

"I have never worked at a company like it. It is a culture shock in the best way. Confidence and trust are given, this makes for a great environment for peak growth as I believe in my coworkers’ work ethic and personal integrity and I feel it is reciprocated."

Brenyn, Sales Development Representative

- Brenyn, Sales Development Representative

"I actually look forward to our weekly staff meetings because they’re packed with so much fun!"

Trent, Head  of Marketing

- Trent, Head of Marketing

"Between the amazing work environment, delicious meals provided, sweet benefits, I have yet to find anything about Smarty I don’t like."

Lisa, Customer Support Representative

- Lisa, Customer Support Representative

"I love that we follow the Arbinger methodology and use 3A+ as a tool to measure performance rather than just being measured by ‘gut feel’. I genuinely enjoy being around my coworkers. And the many family activities convinced me Smarty is a place where I want to work because of how they would be treated."

Wes, Product Marketing Manager

- Wes, Product Marketing Manager

Company Fun

The Smarty team, having fun
The Smarty team, having fun
The Smarty team, having fun
The Smarty team, having fun

What Are Our Core Values?

first core value outwardness


What that means:

Outwardness means caring for others and understanding that they have their own challenges, many of which we ourselves influence. Having an outward mindset helps us get along with and care for one another. People are people so why should it be that anyone should get along so awfully?

How we do it:

Each and every employee undergoes ongoing training on interpersonal and leadership skills.

second core value wizardry


What that means:

Wizardry is the goal we all strive for professionally. We actively develop our skills, continually training to master our craft, and to make the absolute best product for our customers that we possibly can. We strive to tailor career paths for each employee's development goals.

How we do it:

Each and every employee is encouraged to go through individual professional training of their choice each year, paid for by Smarty.

third core value fun


What that means:

When we care for one another (outwardness) it’s very easy to have fun together! We have fun playing games, telling jokes, making music, and traveling together, as well as making top-of-the-line address validation software.

How we do it:

Each and every employee gets to participate in fun extracurricular activities if they choose, including video games, choir, script reading, and trips to different places.

What Does Smarty Do?

We specialize in location data intelligence. That includes work in global address and location data, specifically in validation, autocomplete, and geocoding and data enrichment.
address validation

Address Validation

You know when you order something, but you mistype your ZIP Code or you type “d” instead of “s” and so your package gets delayed or returned to the sender?

Our software prevents that.

We can take an address from anywhere in the world and tell you if it’s typed correctly, if it’s mailable, if it’s vacant, and a whole lot of other information about that address. We have the ability to process literal billions of addresses per day.

address autocomplete

Address Autocomplete

Websites or forms that have an address autocomplete start to predict accurate addresses from the first keystroke of the user. This means if you were buying something online and you started to type your mailing address, the system would suggest addresses and ensure it’s valid so your package gets to you the first time, every time



We put pins on rooftops. When you put in an address, our software gives you a latitude and longitude for that specific building, in 9/10 cases directly on the rooftop. This is a big deal to companies all over the world. And, we do it faster, and more accurately than anyone else in the market.

How Does Smarty Measure Up?

smarty recognitions

Since our founding in 2011, we’ve grown to become a recognized industry leader in location data intelligence. We’re self-funded, profitable, and growing. But don’t take our word for it: Utah Valley BusinessQ magazine recognized Smarty as one of the fastest growing companies in Utah county for 2022. Our culture continues to grow alongside the business, with Smarty earning Top Workplace honors for 2022.

new building

We’re growing out of our current location in South Provo. We’ll be moving to a new larger location in Orem next to Utah Valley University. Expected move date is early 2024.

What's Each Department Like?

software engineering team


Our Software Engineering team is headed up by our CTO (and CEO) Jonathan Oliver, and managed by our team leads, Kent Gividen, Kiersten Nelthorpe, and Mike Manwill. We primarily develop in Go and React (Next.js). We don’t have an on-call or after-hours rotation because our product is stable. There are plenty of opportunities to lead projects or create features while also having access to mentorship. We also prioritize allocating engineering time to reducing technical debt alongside releasing new features. Of note, 50% of our software engineers are women. We strive to communicate well and not put people on projects alone or siloed. We have fun, but we get stuff done including building new products and are the leaders in our industry.

product management team


Our amazing products are designed and crafted strategically by our Product Management team which is led by Berk Charlton, an expert and veteran of the location data industry. We listen closely to our clients to find out their needs and then work closely with our engineering team to come up with ways to satisfy those needs. It's awesome to work with such talent here at Smarty. Often we get to come up with a brand new product based on customer feedback. That makes all the sweat and tears worth it.

technical support team


Our support team is second to none, being mentioned in a heaping load of our customer reviews as being spectacular. Managed by Lyle Durland, each team member is focused on giving spectacularly helpful and friendly assistance to everyone who calls, chats, or writes in—even if they’re not current customers. Whatever you do, don't imagine a bunch of stressed-out people, each in their own tiny cubicle, talking to angry customers all day. That's not us. The vast majority of our customers love us. Feedback from this team often shapes the future and priorities of our product development.

IT and operations

IT & Operations

IT and Operations is headed by Dirk Whatcott and in many ways is the glue that holds us together. We interact with every department every day; the real social butterflies of the company. We use 100% Mac hardware and our cloud servers are in Linux. We utilize Hashicorp and Kubernetes for our DevOps, and are wizards of Unix CLI. There are a variety of types of work we handle so we never get bored nor face down monotony. If our headphones are on, we keep them in passthrough mode because we tend to be fairly chatty. We’re full of dad jokes, hidden talents, backflips, and handstand competitions. We do, however, get a lot of work done.

sales team


Our Sales team is headed by our Sales Manager Sean Blair. While accountability and goals are important, we hold the team to reasonable expectations based on market conditions. Each team member feels comfortable in their skin and is not afraid to ask questions. We understand that no one can know everything, and that’s OK. This leadership and culture fosters high expectations and high performance, evidenced by our rapid continued growth. Our Customer Success division, headed by Kris Lindsay, is also a branch of our sales process.

marketing team


Our fearless Head of Marketing, Trent Howell, encourages creativity and measured growth as we spread the word that everyone needs validation. We create a light and playful space for creativity, where each member genuinely cares about you and your input. We own our projects, but work on them very collaboratively. We recognize that we genuinely impact every other department in the company. With skills and interests ranging from improv and video production to sailing and world travel, we’re a fun group of marketers.

finance team


Our finance team reports to our CFO, Sean Trewartha and our Controller Brittany Richards. Each of us has individual responsibilities, but we are able to lean on other team members as needed. It’s fun showing up each day to work with friends, but we’re also comfortable with long periods of heads-down hard work. Our accounting tools are something true accountants would appreciate; we don’t use Quickbooks, Netsuite, or other commonly used tools. What we do is not the same every day and our work changes often. There is a lot of opportunity for new ideas in our processes and procedures. If you’re an accountant who is even slightly unhappy with where you’re at, you’ll probably love it here.

HR team

Human Resources

HR exists to take everything that is fun and exciting and make it…not that way. We’re kidding. In reality, the HR team, guided by Susan Young—a leader in both the company and the HR community—ensures that every team member has the tools and resources needed to execute their role, helps each employee learn and grow, and removes any obstacles getting in the way of realizing their full potential. Through the hiring process, HR strives to hire candidates with capability, drive, and potential. They also get to plan all of the amazing events, meals, and activities that Smarty is famous for; answering all of life’s profound questions, such as: donuts or kolaches?

What's the Hiring Process Like?

Do you want to be amazed? Then apply for a job at Smarty.

Because AMAZED is exactly how you'll feel when you experience our hiring process. For starters, a real, live human reviews every application! And you won't sit around wondering for weeks about what's happening. Instead, you'll hear from us quickly every step of the way.

And what are those steps?

Smarty hiring process

The average time from application to offer is just 3 weeks!

If you like stressful job application, interviewing, and hiring processes, you've come to the wrong place. But if you'd like something fresh and friendly, get started below.