Turn an address into latitude & longitude coordinates

Geocoding is the process of finding geographical coordinates for an address or place that is in a different format. These lat long coordinates are called geocodes. The opposite process of turning the geocode into an address or place is called reverse geocoding.

In our case, we start with a street address and then provide the latitude and longitude that most closely approximates that address. This is useful for plotting addresses on a map to determine voting districts, finding distances from one point to another, or localizing business services and transactions.

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Often, people think of geocoding as providing the exact pinpoint location for a house or property. While it can be that accurate, most of the time it is derived from a calculation based on other data, such as street endpoints and house ranges within a certain block. The data is then interpolated and refined to increase accuracy. Depending on the provider, this can range from block level accuracy to rooftop accuracy. Bottom line: ours is hyper-accurate.

Before selecting a geocode software, geocode several addresses to make sure their geocoding accuracy meets your needs. Test our geocoding by using our single address verification demo. You can also test our address validation APIs and learn about other USPS verification APIs.

Here is more information on the accuracy we are able to offer.

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