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How Do I Upload My List of Addresses?

In order to upload a list of addresses, first you need to have a free account with us. Once you have an account, follow the steps below to upload a list of addresses to be scrubbed.

1. Login to your account. Navigate to, and login to your account. If you dont have an an account with us, you can create one here . Once logged in, you will be directed to the Account Overview page, where you can manage your account, view your purchases, and get started on scrubbing your address lists.

2. Manage your account. Under the caption Account Services, click the Manage button. This will enable you to upload your address lists for scrubbing.

3. Upload Address List Menu. Click the Upload New List' button under the title List Scrubbing Services.

4. Select your file. From the Upload Address List menu under the first step, click the Browse button to select the file you wish to upload. After the file is uploaded, click Next.

*Note: If the file to be processed is a Microsoft Excel file, it must be in Excel 97-2003 file format in order to be uploaded and processed.*

5. Select file type. A list of file types will appear. Select from the list the type of file you have uploaded, and fill in the bubble. Then, click Next.

6. Select your sheet. A list will appear, titled Sheet Name, containing sheet names of data. From this list, select the sheet containing your address data, and fill in the bubble. Under the caption First Row Data, check the box marked First row contains column names if the first row of your sheet contains the names of the columns.

7. Check your list. After your file is uploaded, verify that the information appears to be correct. If the data does not look right, then click "Previous" and verify that your settings in Step 2 and Step 3 are correct. Click Next when the information appears correct.

8. Name your fields. In this step, you tell us which columns contain which kind of data. Under My Fields, click Name (or the first of your fields listed). This field should now be inside a gray-shaded box. In this case, our column Name contains the full name of each addressee, so we scroll down to and click Full Name under Field Definitions. Name and Full Name will now be linked with a gray line and a gray box surrounding them. You can remove any match at anytime by clicking the red X in between fields. Do this for each of our five columns. Match each of them with the proper field definition. For examples, look at the images below. After all the fields have been matched, click Next to continue.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Any data that you do not map to a field definition in this step will not be imported to your account. If there is data you would like to remain in this record, but does not have an official category, map it to "Other."*

9. Verify information. You are now given the opportunity to verify that the information you have entered thus far, is correct. If you see something that needs to be changed, simply click the Previous button to edit your settings. When everything looks correct, click the Add List to Account button to save your list.

10. Submit list for scrubbing. Your list is now saved and available in your account, but it still needs to be submitted for processing. To do this, select the bubble next to the service you wish to use to process your list (located under the Services column on the page). In our tutorial, we have chosen the Qualified Address Certified Scrubbing; you can see the the bubble next to it is filled in. The Submit>> button on the bottom right should now be green, indicating you have sufficient lookups. Click on it to move to the next step.

*Note: If you do not have sufficient lookups to process your list, then click the green Proceed to Checkout>> button. Youll have the chance to buy more lookups as you check out.*

11. Wait, then download. After your list has been submitted for processing, you will receive an email when your list is available in your account for download. As a convenience to you, an estimate of when your list will be done processing is given. This is found next to "Estimated Completion Time" on the screen.

There are also two links under the title "Estimated Completion Time" which are good sources for you "List Details" and "List Management". List Management allows you to see all of your address lists, review job history, or submit a new job for processing. List Details provides the status of the job, job history, Qualified Address Scrubbing Statistics, Delivery Point Validation Statistics, and CASS Summary Report Contact Information.

When you receive the confirmation email, you may download your scrubbed list. To do this, click the green Download>> button, located in the bottom, right corner of the page.

12. Save. When the file download box comes up, click Save to save your scrubbed file to your computer.

*Note: Because the folder is a Compressed (zipped) folder, you must extract all the files contained in the folder in order to use them.*

After the files have been extracted, they are ready to use! The file we used as an example is an Excel file, so we can open it by double-clicking on the file name. You will also notice that included in the extracted folder is a "readme.pdf" file. This file helps you know what to do with your new, scrubbed address list by defining what each individual column is and what it is used for.

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