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How To Use LiveAddress API On Your Website

Implementing LiveAddress API on your website may seem like a challenge if you are new HTML and/or website developing. You might become overwhelmed when you open the comprehensive 55-page guide provided with your purchase of LiveAddress API .

We at Qualified Address are committed to making address verification a breeze, so that you can focus more time on your nature of business and leave the address verification up to usthe experts. So, lets get started and get LiveAddress API on your website! The following steps will tell you how:

1. Setup JavaScript. Begin by Logging in to your Qualified Address account. Click on the "Manage" button under LiveAddress API. Under the LiveAddress Verification API Menu, click the hyperlink to JavaScript API Setup . You should now see a numbered list of instructions, starting with Download the instructions.

2. Authorize domain names for LiveAddress . In other words, you need to tell our systems where your website is. In the LiveAddress Verification API setup menu next to step 2, it says Authorize Domain Names. Type the full domain of your website in the text input box found underneath this. Be sure to type in the complete domain, with no missing parts! For example, if your website domain was, type; however, if your website domain is you must include www. because and are different web domains. If you own both and and need our services for both, be sure to declare both domains.
*Note: If you have more than one domain that you want to use LiveAddress for, make sure to add them all.*

3. Verify that your website is compatible. To make your website compatible with LiveAddress, you need to declare an XHTML DOCTYPE and XML version. To do this, simply copy and paste the following code (found on the Javascript setup page, step number 4) to the very top of your web page that uses LiveAddress API :


4. Implement Javascript code on your webpage. From the LiveAddress API setup page, copy this bit of code until right before the closing tag:

Paste it to your page where you want to validate addresses.
(You could also include the code before thetag, but it must be included before thetag. Generally, the time it takes your page to load will be faster this way)

5. Change the LiveAddress code to match your website. From the LiveAddress API setup page under step 5, change the names of name, street, street2, unit, city, state, zip, and country to match the input boxes on your own website. You should already have user input boxes for customers to submit their address information; keep the names you have for these boxes, and copy them over to the javascript, putting them between the quotation marks as is shown here:

Next to name:, type whatever you would like to appear after the address is validated. This will appear in place of Billing Address, so that you know the address has been successfully scrubbed. For example, may like it to say New-and-Improved Address, or something of the sort. Type this into the field between the quotation marks.

Congratulations! Once you have finished these five steps, you have successfully implemented LiveAddress onto your own website. You are now on your way to having every address scrubbed the moment that they are entered!

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