Smarty’s location data tools help insurers obtain more leads, write more profitable policies, and minimize risk.
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Accelerate Your Straight-Through-Processing

Bad addresses ruin straight-through processing (STP). Starting with a valid address is key to writing accurate policies or processing claims. Smarty’s address autocomplete facilitates straight-through processing by preventing bad address data at the entry point. As a user types in their address, Smarty serves up verified and standardized addresses they can select. Their pre-verified address can now be used with confidence through all stages of a claim’s life cycle.

Make Acquiring New Clients Easy

Not only does address autocompletion help prevent errant data from disrupting your processes, but it also makes it easier for clients and prospects to submit their information. Rather than having to type out their full address, users can select their address after entering only a few keystrokes. The result is a frictionless experience for them and more web form fills for you.
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Better Risk Analysis With Rooftop Geocoding

Smarty’s US Rooftop Geocoding takes address data and translates it into highly accurate latitude and longitude coordinates. Armed with these pinpoint coordinates, you can compare a structure’s proximity to high-risk areas such as brush fire zones, coastlines, fault lines, or high-crime neighborhoods. The precision of these coordinates either makes or breaks a policy’s profitability.
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Validate and Geocode Non-USPS Addresses

A physical address isn’t always the same as a mailing address. Some entire communities only have P.O. boxes for their mailing address. Smarty can verify and geocode over 15 million additional addresses beyond the 160 million recognized by USPS—allowing for a greater possibility of straight-through processing.
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Lightning-Fast Processing

Not only is our address verification and geocoding hyper-accurate, it’s also blindingly fast. Our base-level enterprise plan is five times faster than the other guys with available plans up to 10,000 times faster! Our solutions are also cloud-based, so you can get insanely fast speeds without the aggravation and extra costs associated with on-site installations.
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What Our Clients Say

We saw our undeliverable shipping rate fall from 5% to <1%, which represents a ton of savings for us.
Andy P, Founder
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