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Residential or Commercial?

RDI means Residential Delivery Indicator. Basically, it indicates whether an address is a residential or commercial location. And it's automatically included at no extra cost when you process an address through our system.

The USPS keeps a record of the delivery status for each address, whether it is a commercial address or a residential address. Our address verification service gives you the RDI information, allowing you to make more informed decisions when choosing which shipping method to use when you have items to ship out.

Cool. What's it good for?

Most letter or package carriers&emdsh;like UPS, Fedex, DHL, and others&emdsh;charge a higher delivery fee for residential deliveries than for commercial deliveries. If you have a lot of shipments going out, that amount can add up quickly. But if you know the RDI status from the beginning, you can quote your shipping price based on the status: residential or commercial. This potentially saves you a significant amount of money.

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