SmartyStreets is now Smarty

Streets? Where we're going, we don't need Streets.

A young teenager, not knowing what the future held in store, cautioned his mentor that they may not have enough room to reach the requisite speed to move into the future. We've taken the mentor's answer, made it our own, and used it as a guiding light to lead our company into the future…

Streets? Where we're going we don't need Streets.

The Fast Lane Answer

SmartyStreets is the right name for a company that strictly does street address validation. That’s exactly how we started back in 2011.

Over the last 10 years, our capabilities and services have steadily grown. Today, SmartyStreets offers:

  • US street address validation
  • International address validation
  • US geocoding
  • US reverse geocoding
  • US and international address autocomplete

Many of these products blurred the line between street and location data. We started to feel that our street-patterned pants were just a little too tight. We’ve been cooking up even more location data goodness to launch in 2022. New menu items for early 2022 include:

  • More Geocoding data
  • Parcel & Census data
  • Address list data

Much like our Superman print Underoos, our SmartyStreets name has become too confining for where we’re headed. Our bigger focus is true, worldwide location data intelligence. Our new name Smarty gives us room to grow while staying true to our lightning-fast, insanely reliable, easy to implement, and expertly supported roots. That is why SmartyStreets became Smarty January 12, 2022.

The Scenic Route Answer

Before SmartyStreets was SmartyStreets back in 2011, our founder started with a simple mission to offer a smart street address validation software for the United States. When it came time to name our company, SmartyStreets was a logical fit. Plus, it was easy for the founder’s mom to remember. Thus, SmartyStreets was born.

Then we developed and optimized and scaled to something unforeseen. The fastest, most reliable, best supported, and easiest-to-implement cloud address validation on the planet. SmartyStreets had become the gold standard in address validation. Today, SmartyStreets has 99.999% uptime, the fewest false positives in the industry, and a kick-awesome validation system with redundant servers. Our system is capable of immediately spinning up additional servers to near infinite levels based on detected load.

Every second, SmartyStreets processes over 29,000 addresses. Every day, we process 2.5 billion (and climbing) address lookups. Every month, we process the equivalent of all the world’s addresses 20 times over. Here's the kicker—because of the vastness of our engine, nobody on planet Earth knows the upper limits of the speeds we’re currently capable of. None of our Fortune 500 customers have enough addresses for us to reach our apex speeds.

Alongside our legendary speed, SmartyStreets product offerings have grown to include:

  • SmartyStreets US Address Verification
  • SmartyStreets International Address Verification
  • SmartyStreets US Address Autocomplete
  • SmartyStreets International Address Autocomplete
  • SmartyStreets US Rooftop Geocoding
  • SmartyStreets US Reverse Geocoding

We offer these products via API, Command Line Interface, and web-based single address and bulk address forms. A full suite of SDKs (.Net, Android, Go, iOS, Java, Javascript, PHP, Python, and Ruby) PLUS enough sample code to make a grown developer weak in the knees, makes SmartyStreets products available to the masses.

With all these additional services, and even more in the works, the Streets part of SmartyStreets is no longer accurate. Our research shows that our customers' growing needs are not limited to street data. They need location data intelligence. To meet the requirements of our beautiful customers, we’re developing even more solutions to fit their needs.

As a result, in the first half of 2022, we're working on developing some new capabilities, including:

  • More Geocoding data
  • Parcel & Census data
  • Address list data
  • And much more

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements.

The name SmartyStreets has felt restrictive for a while now. Much like Eric Carle's gluttonous caterpillar, SmartyStreets is poised to burst forth from its street data cocoon, emerging as a location data butterfly—but with razor wings and friggin’ lasers attached to its antennae.

Smarty Rebrand FAQs


Will I need to change the URLs that I am calling? For example, do I need to change to

No, you won't need to change the API URLs. When calling our APIs, you can continue to call the domain for years to come.

What are the legal ramifications of rebranding?

Smarty is simply an alternate name or "DBA" (doing business as) designation of SmartyStreets. Our business name change does not affect our state entity, tax identification or organizational structure. A DBA is neither an assignment, merger, nor an acquisition or any transfer of company assets and/or liabilities. Legally, nothing has changed when it comes to the underlying ownership, organizational structure, or operational services provided.

What do I need to do with this new information? How will it impact me as an existing customer?

You probably don't need to do much. If you have bookmarked, update the URL once we become in early 2022. If your website or database links to the domain, please update those links too. If your site features a SmartyStreets logo, please replace it with a new Smarty logo which will become available on our Brand Guidelines page.

How does changing our name to Smarty affect my contractual obligations as a client?

It doesn't. Smarty, LLC is a DBA of SmartyStreets, LLC. Your current contract with SmartyStreets remains valid and legally binding. You can expect to receive the same excellent quality service you bargained for when purchasing. For further questions or concerns, contact us.

So I don't need to change anything in my code due to the branding change?


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