Location data is fundamental to all communication services. Leading companies leverage Smarty's location data solutions platform to optimize networks, discover opportunities, blend data, track assets, acquire and retain customers, improve delivery, and reduce fraud.
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Optimize Network Investments

Amid constant coverage and population changes, you need the most current, accurate location data to uncover strategic coverage opportunities and provide the best customer experience. Smarty US and International Address Verification, Geocoding, Reverse Geocoding, and Master Address Lists accurately pinpoint residential and business addresses. Global and local operators, such as wireless and fiber carriers, overlay this data on their ever-changing coverage maps to paint an intuitive, contextual, visual picture and confidently make the best infrastructure, expansion, and investment decisions.
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Blend Data

Telecom companies have massive amounts of customer data coming in from various sources. Smarty US Address Verification with Enhanced Matching improves data integrity by correcting tricky address issues, enabling you to remove or merge duplicates in preparation for blending data from multiple sources into one squeaky-clean single source of address truth.
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Effectively Manage Network Assets

The rollout of new technologies like 5G has accelerated the placement of billions of dollars of new network equipment. Accurately tracking and accounting for equipment is hard enough without duplicate alias addresses that can cause multiple counting of the same assets. Smarty's highly-accurate address verification and geocodes help you explicitly pinpoint the location of network assets, reducing accounting confusion and errors while improving equipment service and other operations.
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Enhance Address Data

The annual market for big data analytics is hundreds of billions of dollars and growing at double-digit rates. As part of their analytics, telecom companies leverage Smarty's metadata to add location context for deeper customer insights. Provided metadata such as vacancy status and the Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI) help you market to the right people and build a 360-degree view of the customer for more effective campaigns.
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Acquire, Retain and Win-Back Customers

Companies fight to acquire, retain, and win back customers in a fiercely competitive environment where churn is the bane of the telecom industry. Smarty helps you on all fronts. Smarty's master address list, precision rooftop geocodes, and reverse geocodes help you understand your market and accurately overlay the most current prospect and customer addresses on your ever-changing network coverage maps. Additionally, Smarty's US and International Address Autocomplete simplifies form fills, increasing conversion rates while delivering a more delightful customer experience.
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Improve Delivery

Studies show that 20+% of addresses entered online contain mistakes. Those simple errors end up costing you wasted postage, product returns, extra handling, chargebacks, less effective billing, customer service, frustration, and negative reviews. Smarty's address autocomplete counters bad US and international address data at the point of entry by predicting and suggesting verified addresses within a few simple keystrokes.
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Prevent Fraud

Companies increasingly rely on a confirmed, valid address to battle growing fraud schemes, such as people trying to create new accounts with fake or vacant addresses. To combat fraud, companies integrate with Smarty's stellar APIs to catch bogus addresses in real time as forms are completed online. With easy API integration supported by world-class documentation, you'll reduce fraud and improve your bottom line in no time.
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