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Reduce costly errors and get your goods to customers faster

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Fill in missing data & unlock additional information about any validated street address

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Assure your databases are squeaky clean

[*chef’s kiss* muah!]

David S
"Smarty saves us time and money!"
David S, Director of Information Services
Get industry-leading accuracy
Start quickly with an easy peasy API setup
Process up to 75,000+ addresses per second
Rely on 99.999% uptime
Revel in our unlimited, free, five-star support
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How Address Verification/​Validation Works

boxes misalignedParse

Identifies address components and parses into respective fields

boxes alignedStandardize

Organizes the fields per USPS guidelines

boxes aligned with a check markVerify

Validates that the address is deliverable

boxes added to enrich the dataEnrich

Attaches metadata, like geocodes, ZIP+4 Code, and congressional district to postal addresses

Ken S
"Best in class address normalization and validation."
Ken S, Software Development Manager

US Address Verification Demo with Enhanced Matching

Step 1: Pick one
Step 2: Lookup type

Step 3: Enter an address

The street line of the address, maps to the "street" field of our US Street Address API.

Apartment or suite information, maps to the "secondary" field of our US Street Address API.

Awaiting input

Enter an address in the address form on this page to see your results here

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3 Smart Address Verification Options
How You Win with Smarty Address Verification
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Steve J
"Fantastic service and easy API...drop-dead easy to use by our developers."
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Ludicrously Lightning Fast and Reliable Address Verification API

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Smarty Validates 2.5 Billion Addresses/​day

Intelligently architected infrastructure can speedily process insanely massive databases, including yours.

Verify Up To 75,000 Addresses/​Sec

No really. Speed is our specialty. If you need super-fast throughput we’ll help you work out an optimal mix of speed and cost for your business requirements.

99.999% Uptime

3 levels of redundancy. Smarty is proud to fully disclose and publish our system performance. No secrets here. Check it out.

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Superior Accuracy

Results that are right on the money! If Smarty can’t 100% validate an address, we’ll give you full disclosure on the part of the address in question.

Smarty's Own Enhanced Matching

Smarty’s Enhanced Matching deciphers, matches, and corrects even the wonkiest of wrong addresses to help you reduce costly manual exceptions. See how it works in the free, customer-facing demo. Also, see the developer demo.

Easy Implementation

Your developers will praise your name after experiencing Smarty’s world-class documentation. You’ll be up and running quickly and easily.

Enhance Your Address Data

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20 Million More Addresses

Smarty is CASS certified and validates all USPS addresses plus 20 million more non-postal addresses - 210+ million in all.

Verify Secondary Address Components

Improve your accuracy in deliverability by verifying apartment and suite numbers. Go beyond preconceived notions that verification is reserved for only the primary information - verify ALL address components.

Get up to 45 Points of Metadata

Enrich your addresses with Smarty metadata including ZIP 9 geocodes and vacancy status to help you improve analysis and decision-making. Rooftop Accurate Geocoding is also available. Address verification metadata includes:

  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • RDI (residential/commercial)
  • Vacant
  • County name
  • Congressional district
  • Candidate index
  • LACSlink indicator
  • LACSlink code
  • Street predirection
  • Input index
  • Street name
  • Primary number
  • City
  • Precision
  • Delivery point
  • PMB number
  • Time zone
  • ZIP+4 Code
  • State
  • County FIPS
  • Footnotes
  • ZIP Code
  • EWS match
  • Active
  • County route
  • CMRA
  • UTC offset
  • Street suffix
  • Delivery point
  • Record type
  • Delivery line 1
  • Urbanization
  • Observes DST
  • DPV™ footnotes
  • DPV™ match code
  • PMB designator
  • Secondary number
  • Street postdirection
  • Congressional district
  • Secondary designator
  • Delivery point barcode
  • Building default indicator
  • Delivery point check digit
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Dmitri K
"Stability, simplicity, and accuracy. Very happy with the service. We have been using it for the last 5 years."
Dmitri K, CEO

Easy Address API Implementation & Legendary Support

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Clear and Concise Documentation

Your development team will feel like wizards with how quickly they'll be able to implement US Address Verification. Smarty's world-class documentation covers everything your developers need. Smarty provides APIs and SDKs built by developers for developers.

Simple Terms

Our terms and conditions are straightforward and easy to understand, and we try to keep revisions to a minimum.

Unmatched, Unlimited, Free Support

When you reach out to our Support Team, they answer promptly. It's that simple. And Smarty's Support Team is made up of knowledgeable experts — no novices, no tiers, and no time-wasting scripts. Try us and we think you'll agree our unlimited, no-cost support is better than other companies' paid support.

Mike W
"Excellent customer service! 10/10! I would let them date my sister."
Mike W, HIPPA Software Architect

Industry Leading Value with Simple and Transparent Pricing

Get straightforward pricing with no setup fees, commitments, or gimmicks. You can choose from flexible plans, including unlimited processing. Smarty’s industry-leading value improves your bottom line with no hidden fees or unwelcome surprises.

Rhonda R
"BEST service available. Reasonable pricing too!"
Rhonda R, Vice President

How Others Are Using Smarty

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Boost Delivery Success

Boost accurate delivery by validating addresses prior to shipping to reduce accidental errors and increase customer retention and lifetime value. Read case study.

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Clean Your Data

Get standardized, cleaned addresses to make deduplicating and merging records in your database a breeze. Read case study.


Why should I choose smarty?

Smarty is the smart choice. With a cloud-based service with 100% uptime, your address data will be processed faster and more efficiently than with any other service. Going with us means you'll be up and running in no time, implementation is easy with access to real-life support, and documentation written by experts. Get the most bang for your buck just like many industry leaders like Microsoft, Siemens, FedEx, Aflac, NASA, and thousands more. We're happy to welcome you to this elite group that grooves on value, performance, and service.

Where can I learn more about Smarty's address verification api?

See Smarty's Cloud API Documentation to learn about the APIs, including authentication, HTTP resources, and recommended best practices.

Can I integrate Smarty within our CRM system?

Yep. As long as you can make an HTTP request and parse a JSON response, our APIs can be implemented in almost any CRM. Learn more about Smarty API capabilities.

Can I try before buying?

For Sure! Get a 30-day free trial of address verification/validation. No credit card is required. With the free trial, you can experience the full version of single address verification, bulk address verification, and API integration with your systems and processes. Free trials come with 1,000 lookups. If you need more lookups for your trial, contact our cool sales peeps.

How much does address verification cost?

If you’re looking for the industry’s best value, you’re in the right place. Smarty pricing scales to fit your needs and there are no setup fees. Smarty pricing is appreciated by smart business owners and managers, regardless of business type.

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