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Smarty's proprietary US Master Address List is the most reasonably-priced, complete, and accurate list of verified and mailable addresses in the US, featuring 193+ million USPS addresses.
Smarty gives you the most comprehensive and current lists of mailable addresses in the United States by processing billions of addresses per day, pulling out new and changed addresses as they're recognized, and utilizing other proprietary methods. Our list of 193+ million addresses are all verified and mailable by the USPS.
193+ million address network


To help match your needs, you get access to Smarty's US address database with choices between basic and premium address fields, as shown in the table. You also have your choice of geography. You can select the entire US, a single state, or any combination of states. Contact Sales for a full list.
Smarty addresses are all verified and deliverable by the USPS. To get familiar with the fields and data, get a free sample address file.
National & State Lists
US Verified Addresses
US Verified P.O. Boxes
US / All States
New York
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Basic Fields
check markFull street address and unit information in a single address line
check markCity
check markState
check markZip
check markPlus4
check markCounty Name
check markCounty FIPs Code
check markSmartyKey™
Premium Fields
All the Basic Fields, plus the following:
check markBusiness / Residence flag (RDI)
check markParsed fields from the address line, including:
  • Address number
  • Address Predirectional
  • Address street name
  • Address street suffix
  • Address Postdirectional
  • Address Unit Type
  • Address Unit Number
check markA Parent flag for an address that has secondary units attached to it
check markFor records with a Parent flag, the number of units associated with the Parent Address
check markSecondary addresses will include the SmartyKey™ of the Parent address, providing the Parent/Child link
check markAlias address records, as indicated by an Alias Flag field
check markShared Delivery Point (addresses which share a common postal delivery address)
Premium+ Fields
All the Basic and Premium Fields, plus the following:
check markLatitude
check markLongitude
check markGeocode Precision
check markCensus Block Code

Highest Accuracy

Of course, having lots of addresses doesn't help if their validity is in question. In fact, contamination of bad addresses often hurts more than it helps. That's why Smarty runs all the addresses in its United States address database through its enhanced matching engine to deliver industry-leading accuracy and address data you can rely on.
Example of an address with repeating data that can be verified by Smarty US Enhanced Matching
Example of an address with data order scrambled that can be verified by Smarty US Enhanced Matching
Example of an address with incorrect transcription & missing ZIP Code that can be verified by Smarty US Enhanced Matching
Example of an address with missing data that can be verified by Smarty US Enhanced Matching

SmartyKey™ - Persistent Unique Identifier

Meet SmartyKey™, a persistent unique identifier that's attached to every unique delivery point and packs a punch when it comes to superior data management, reporting, and analysis.
SmartyKey tracks the same delivery point over time, including changing city names, street names and even address numbers, eliminating confusion and duplication in your customer database. SmartyKey also helps you paint a clear picture for single delivery points that have multiple alias addresses. It also ties secondary addresses to their primary, or parent address.
Say goodbye to alias complexity and address fraud with SmartyKey which eliminates confusion and waste around duplicate addresses and makes data blending a piece of cake for even the most massive address files.
For more information, see the SmartyKey FAQ Page.
SmartyKey tracks multiple addresses at once

Parent and Child Addresses

Imagine not knowing how many children you have. It would be hard to make correct decisions about them, right? Well, many parent or primary addresses have child or secondary addresses, and it's you who need to know precisely how many so that you can generate the most meaningful, accurate reports for improved decision making. We'll tell you exactly how many, whether it's one or thousands.
Secondary Address Autocomplete

Better data - better future

What does the most comprehensive, accurate, clean, deepest-insight address data mean to you? It means superior marketing programs, product pricing, reporting, business analytics, decision making, and competitive advantage as you get clarity on the path to an improved future.
Businesses are leveraging master address lists in many ways to drive performance, including:
  • Data Blending
  • Market Research
  • Market Saturation Studies
  • Multi-Unit Address Analysis
  • Target Marketing Planning
Better data blending, market research, market saturation studies, multi-unit address analysis, and target marketing planning
Best-Value Pricing

Looking for the best value in US address lists? With Smarty, you get the most comprehensive and accurate list of verified, mailable US addresses along with industry-leading support, transparency, and pricing.

Now it's time to grab your favorite beverage, put your feet up on the desk, relax, and because you've just been introduced to the industry's leading value in comprehensive national address databases.

Smarty is your smart choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How did Smarty build its US address database?

Smarty processes billions addresses per day and utilizes other proprietary methods to give you the most comprehensive and current lists of mailable addresses in the United States. Note that our list of 193+ million addresses are all mailable by the USPS.

How does Smarty price its list of addresses?

Smarty offers industry-leading value for its lists of addresses. Pricing is transparent, simple, and flexible. You can choose the level of address field data and geography to customize pricing for your needs.

Can I send mail to Smarty's US Master Address List?

At this time, Smarty's US Master Address List is intended for use in data management, reporting, and analytics. Smarty customers must sign an agreement that they will not use the list for mailing unless they take full responsibility for complying with all laws and regulations related thereto.

How can I get a list of mailing addresses?

To get a list of verified addresses by state or for the entire US, just contact us. We can often get you a quote within minutes.

What is an address database?

An address database contains address data for delivery points. When most people refer to an address database, what they really mean is a dataset or list of addresses within the database. People seeking an address database are often looking for an address list within certain geographies. Address lists and data are used in multitudes of ways including shipping/mailing, geocoding and locating, and reporting and analytics.

What is a national address database?

A national address database contains address data for delivery points within a specific country. Smarty's US Master Address List is the most reasonably-priced, complete, and accurate list of mailable addresses in the US, featuring 193+ million verified addresses deliverable by the USPS each with a persistent unique identifier (like SmartyKey) for superior data management, reporting, and analysis.

How much does a mailing list cost?

The cost of a mailing list varies based on your requirements. Mailing lists are often priced by the number of selected address fields and number of addresses or geography.

How do I get a list of residential addresses?

The Smarty US Master Address List contains both residential and commercial addresses. Smarty's premium list comes with the Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI) that tells you if a mailing address is a residential or business location.

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