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Valid address isn't validating. Can you add it to your database?


Last Updated: March 29, 2013

We have a valid address of a customer that is not being validated by your service:

1130 Besito Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705

Is it possible to have it added in your DB? The house is 2-3 years old and receives USPS mail regularly.


You are correct that this particular address does show up as not valid but falls within the correct range for that particular street. So what's up?

Our source of information is the USPS. We get a database update every month from the USPS. If we were to update our database, it would simply be overwritten at next month's update. We checked the address in question on and it shows invalid there too. So in short, the USPS's database shows that this address is invalid.

The fix? The resident at this address needs to call USPS Address Management Systems and determine what the underlying problem is. The AMS staff that oversees addresses for 94705 can be reached at the following:



1675 7TH ST RM 120M

OAKLAND CA 94615-9321

Phone : (510) 874-8585

Fax : (510) 433-7597

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