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We know where you live.

Seriously, we know where you live. Meaning we could find it with just a GPS device.

In addition to our already very capable address verification tools, we have just added the ability to determine the geographic coordinates of any US address. This service is known as "geocoding" and it gives the latitude and longitude for each address. It is available (at no additional cost) for all our products, LiveAddress API as well as LiveAddress for Lists.

Who uses geocoding?

I'm glad you asked. It is a very handy tool for anyone that needs to see quickly pinpoint addresses on a map or determine distance between multiple locations.

Here are a few examples of organizations that benefit from geocoding:

SCHOOL DISTRICTS - They use it to help ensure that students are directed to the school that pertains to their address.

DELIVERY COMPANIES - pizza companies as well as flower shops use geocoding to help them determine what addresses are within their delivery area.

RETAIL STORES - using just customers addresses, they can determine how far people drive to visit their store. They can figure out where their customer-base is located.

VOTER REGISTRATION - you can only vote in the district in which you live. Geocoding helps get votes to the right voting stations.

EMERGENCY CREWS - you certainly want the fire department and rescue services to know where you are. Geocoding helps them to get to you faster.

So, there you have it. Geocoding helps you better serve your customers, clients, students, members... (whoever you are working with), and it's now included with our services.

Don't forget, if you work at a nonprofit organization, our address verification services are available at no cost.

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