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What does an LIL# footnote indicate?


Last Updated: March 15, 2013

Upon reviewing other posts in the forum, I understand that a footnote such as LIA# is the equivalent of L#I#A#. However, that leaves the question of what exactly an LIL# footnote means. Following the prior logic, LIL# would be the equivalent of L#I#L#. This raises a concern as to why the L# footnote would occur twice - is it any different from a footnote of L#I#, where L# is not repeated?

Here is an example address that returns an LIL# footnote:

110 Arrowwood Dr Columbia, SC 29210


All of the footnotes (with the exception of LL) should be single characters. We are correcting that. We are also combining the duplicate footnotes into one. Thus, LIL is the same as L#I#. It means that one of the operations was actually performed twice (though there's no need to show this).

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